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  • Digitization Real Estates

    The real estate industry, traditionally characterized by personal contact, is changing. Virtual viewings, online portals, data analysis tools and efficient customer management - the digital palette is vast. Get in touch with us.

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Digitalization in real estate marketing, real estate management and real estate administration

The DACH region is the most attractive real estate market in Europe for international investors. Even international crises have so far not been able to dampen the market for houses, land, rental apartments and industrial buildings. Since the pandemic, something has been happening in the sector, which has traditionally been characterized by personal contact; virtual tours, for example, have become standard or a natural additional offering.

Like the public sector , however, the industry is still comparatively reluctant to invest in digital transformation. But here, too, only those who invest now will be able to survive on the market.

The marketing of real estate is being revolutionized by digitization. Whereas ads in newspapers and magazines used to be the norm, real estate is now increasingly presented online. Platforms such as Immobilienscout24, Immowelt or Immonet have conquered the market and offer fast, target group-oriented marketing of real estate. B2B companies can act as service providers here and contribute their expertise in the online marketing of real estate.

Solutions and application examples

for the digitization of the real estate industry

Digitalization is also changing the real estate industry and opening up numerous opportunities for companies here.

In the following, we provide an overview of the most important aspects of digitization in the real estate industry and show how B2B companies can benefit from this development:


Overall, digitization offers the real estate industry numerous opportunities to optimize business processes, reduce costs and improve customer service. Especially in times when the real estate industry is increasingly characterized by competition and change, digitization can help give companies a competitive edge and make them fit for the future.