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  • Cloud

    Internet-based services that provide storage, computing power, and software solutions. They enable users to access resources without owning their own hardware or infrastructure.

Our cloud products

We offer you a wide range of cloud products - from scalable storage solutions to powerful SaaS applications and tailored IaaS services. Whether you are just starting to digitize or an established company looking for ways to optimize your processes - with us you will find the right cloud solution for your individual requirements.

Immerse yourself in the world of cloud computing and discover how our products can help you store your data securely, run your business efficiently and gain valuable insights from your data. Harness the power of the cloud to take your business to the next level. Welcome to your cloud future!


Rancher cloud solutions enable your business to respond quickly to change and efficiently adapt resources to changing requirements.

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Web hosting

With DevOps, you shorten development cycles and enable continuous integration and delivery, getting products and services to market faster.

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Docker enables more efficient use of system resources, allowing applications to be deployed and scaled faster while reducing operational costs.

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Our web hosting solutions are based on a modern and powerful infrastructure designed to meet the needs of B2B companies of any size.

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Protect your valuable business data from loss due to human error, system failure or cyber attack with our customized backup solutions.

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Our DNS solutions provide fast and reliable access to your web services and applications to optimize user experience and business continuity.

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Choosing the right domain name is crucial to the success of your business on the Internet.

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SSL certificate

SSL certificates ensure a secure connection and protect customer data. This promotes trust and credibility in your brand and increases customer loyalty.

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Amazon AWS

With Amazon AWS, you can quickly adapt your IT resources to growing needs without having to invest in expensive hardware. This keeps your business agile and competitive.

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Kubernetes automates and optimizes infrastructures, enabling faster deployment of applications and giving enterprises a competitive advantage.

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Google Cloud

Match your IT resources to the needs of your business to save costs and increase performance.

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With Traefik, you dynamically adapt your infrastructure to changing workloads, increase efficiency and ensure optimal performance of your applications.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure adapts to your business growth, enables rapid deployment of new resources, and promotes integration of multiple applications and services.

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With VMWare, you can dynamically adapt your IT infrastructure to quickly respond to changing business needs. Easily scale resources as needed.

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Cloudflare protects your web applications from security threats like DDoS attacks and provides a reliable web application firewall for comprehensive protection.

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Dell Cloud solutions make it easy to adapt to your growing business needs and provide flexibility in managing resources and workloads.

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Dell Cloud solutions make it easy to adapt to your growing business needs and provide flexibility in managing resources and workloads.

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Free software solution developed in Go (Git service) that provides a hosted software development platform.

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Application areas for the use of cloud solutions

  • Data storage and backup

Cloud solutions are often used for data storage. They provide a scalable way to store data online that can be accessed from anywhere. They are also useful for data backup and disaster recovery, as they allow regular backups to be made and data to be stored off-site.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Cloud solutions enable companies to rent IT infrastructure, such as servers, network and storage, as a service. This flexibility saves the effort and cost of buying and maintaining their own hardware.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud computing platforms allow businesses to access software applications over the Internet. Instead of installing software on individual computers, companies can use SaaS models to access applications hosted on cloud servers. Examples include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, etc.

  • Big Data Analysis

Cloud technologies enable the processing and analysis of large amounts of data. Big Data platforms running in the cloud can collect, store and analyze large amounts of data to gain valuable insights. Such analytics can be used in many areas such as marketing, product development, research and development, and many more-