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  • Sociocracy

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In an increasingly digitalized world, B2B companies are in a continuous state of change. mprofi AG has made it its mission to accompany and support companies in these digital transformations. An important component of our work and philosophy is sociocracy, an organizational development approach based on consensus and equality.

What is sociocracy?

Sociocracy is a concept that originated in the Netherlands and means "rule by society." In the context of mprofi AG, sociocracy is about more than just a methodology. It is a holistic approach to shaping organizations and work processes based on four key principles.

Sociocracy at mprofi AG is based on four main principles: Circle Organization, Consensus Decision-Making Process, Dual Commitment, and Open Election Process.

  • The circle organization is the foundation of sociocracy. Projects, departments, decisions - everything is organized in circles. Every voice has equal weight and every opinion is valued.
  • The consensus decision-making process is not about majority decisions, but about consensus. All stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process and decisions are made based on a shared understanding.
  • The double bind ensures that information and decisions flow between circles. This promotes collaboration and ensures that power and responsibility are distributed throughout the organization.
  • The open election process ensures that leadership positions are filled transparently and inclusively. Every vote counts and the best people for the job are selected.

Sociocracy offers a variety of benefits:

  • It promotes an inclusive and democratic work culture in which all employees are actively involved in decision-making processes. This leads to higher employee motivation and satisfaction and improves the quality of decisions. By applying sociocratic principles, decisions are made based on facts and the collective understanding of all stakeholders, reducing political games and individual exercises of power.
  • In addition, sociocracy promotes a flexible and adaptive organizational structure. Circle organization and double binds allow companies to respond more quickly to market changes and technological innovations. The focus on consensus rather than hierarchy also promotes adaptability by enabling companies to respond more quickly and effectively to change.

As part of our services at mprofi AG, we offer consulting, training and support related to sociocracy. Our experts help companies understand the principles and methods of sociocracy, integrate them into their processes and structures, and ensure that the benefits of sociocracy can be reaped in the long term.

Our team guides companies through the implementation of sociocracy, from the initial idea to full implementation. We work closely with our clients to develop individual solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

The Agile way of working is used in a variety of areas. In software development, for example, it enables fast and efficient product development and delivery. In project management, it ensures flexible project control and effective use of resources. In other areas, too, such as marketing, human resources or customer service , the Agile way of working can help to optimize processes and improve customer orientation.

Sociocracy is a powerful tool for promoting effective decision-making, employee participation and adaptable organizational structures. At mprofi AG, we successfully use this method to support B2B companies in their digital transformation and help them implement their projects effectively and efficiently.

With our extensive range of services and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, mprofi AG is the ideal partner for companies that are ready to take advantage of sociocracy and take their organization to the next level. Our goal is to help our customers successfully manage their digital transformation and strengthen their competitiveness in an increasingly digitalized world.